Welcome to AAHGS

The African American Historical & Genealogical Society of Surry County, North Carolina, welcomes you to get familiar with us and the important work we do. We hope you, too, will become excited about the African American life of this area. Our history is primarily oral; therefore, we rely a great deal on those who are willing to tell stories, share and identify pictures and tell the uses of artifacts during the early developing years of family life in the area. We invite you to view the gallery of pictures, offer comments and helpful information, note the calendar of activities and plan to participate where possible. You will see references of books and articles related to our history, also. Memberships and sponsors are so important to our continued work of gathering oral history, pictures, artifacts and information. Please see the forms for details and plan to reply. Our book, “Around Surry County” can be purchased with the website form. Your feedback is valuable to us; please submit your contact information and comments via the contact us page.
Book Comments
"People will be able to look back and see just where their ancestors came from."
Robert Taylor
"Congratulations on the wonderful book you guys compiled and wrote"